On the Maelstrom's Edge

Dungeon Stomp


Into the caverns, this place reminds me of one of the those old dungeon stomp games. People appear
out of the darkness going through their day to day. Two kids run past playing some game. A person
comes out a side ally with a cart nearly bumping us, as we all reach for our weapons. We are tense for
good reason too. Right as we walk past a noodle factory we start seeing people paying attention to us.
People like the ones out front. We are on their turf it’s hard to see how this won’t end badly. Maybe
with the proper show of force though they will backoff.

No such luck we try to sneak our way through, wander through a storage area, sneak through a nursery
school, fucking screaming kids, then back into the dungeon. We try to go up but we hear even more
boots coming down. You can feel this is going to go bad, it almost has a slow steady drum beat. As we
get boxed in, we just slow down more and prepare for the fight. Having gimpy with us makes it seem
even more slow motion. It’s not like we can leave him behind.

What comes next is out of a western, or a kung-fu trid…or some crazy combination. The locals go to
ground sensing the growing triad presense. Suddenly they start coming at us from all the alleys. Luckily
most of them don’t have guns. Hell in these close quarters you might not even need them most of the
time. I’m sure these walls don’t stop bullets too well either, each miss probably hits a handful of houses
or businesses. Before I can think more about the reasons for their lack of guns it’s a blur. Lloyd has his
shields up and has the littlest smile. I can tell he’ll be hard to kill so I back his move. Gimpy makes it
even more of a western, gun in each hand they just keep blasting. Accurate too, timed shots, damn I’m
liking our odds more. He’s starting to remind me of Clint Eastwood now though.

Me I stick to cover leveling anyone who threatens me with shotgun slugs. It’s vicious, eventually though
they close the gap. Clint wanders off after some guys with pistols I heard shooting at us. Lloyd comes
back to me right as they rush. They close the ground too quick for us to cut them down. As they get
to me I drop the shotgun and fall back in a fighting stance. I guess that little bit of Jeet Kundo training
I took helped. Block block fire, they snuck a couple hits in but nothing too bad. As the last dropped
spraying me with blood, it suddenly was just deathly quiet.

All I could hear is the ringing and Lloyd asking me if I was ok. I nodded. Then this shouting Capital voice.
Hey action stars come here. Well Shaggy pulls us out of the warzone. I wonder if it was the pure desire
for cash, or just not wanting to see it escalate. Either way it’s appreciated. We pay him for his time,
take a breather and get some info about where we need to go.

I’m sure it’ll be easy from here.



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