On the Maelstrom's Edge

First Day On The Job

It’s been so long since I have been in the Sol System… but memories of good times on Earth rush back into my mind as I see the familiar glow of my home as I approach Luna… I know I can’t go back.

I have one name that will bring me answers to my questions, Whitestar… Roger Whitestar. It was his ships that brought us to New New Mexico and it was his ships that brought us supplies, he will know why Umbrella left us to die.

I scan the newsfeeds looking to catch up to the current events and looking for any information about Roger Whitestar. Unfortunately I find that he has been incarcerated and that i cannot visit him, but he has a daughter and she runs his former company. I contact her and explain that I once worked for her father and that I am looking for work. She seems to be distracted and after a short conversation she asks me to talk to a Dr. Phineas Rothstein at her transport company and to tell him that I would be tagging along for a transport shipment involving jewels?

Luna is so overcrowded, the masses of people here are staggering and fill me with a bit of claustrophobic anxiety… everyone is looking at me, they can see my scars, they can see my weakness as I walk. I hide my face and keep my head down, I hope I don’t get asked for identification, I lost it many months ago on New New Mexico somewhere in the mountains… I didn’t think I would ever have use for it again.

The Whitestar Agency is clean, I feel out of place, the young woman behind the desk is beautiful, I’m sure she thinks I’m hideous… keep the scarf up, don’t let her see your face, she’ll only turn away in fear. Damn those creatures for scarring me, damn Umbrella for leaving me for dead.

The Dr. arrives and I am brought into his office where I am met by a handsome man, a strange young woman and an android that seems more suited to killing than being a gracious host. We talk about work, I explain that Ms. Whitestar had offered me a job to assist in their current operation and that I would like to accompany them and help where I can. The android, Joe I think they called him, wants to test how accurate I am with my weapon. The girl watches me closely, she can see through my scarf, she can see the scars and thinks I’m hideous… please stop looking at me, all you need to know is I won’t screw you over and I’ll watch your back. That’s how it was for all those months in the mountains, I made sure the colony survived… but I failed them in the end… I need to make amends for my failure.

The ship is sturdy, but the ground crew is lackluster in their ability to maintain the vessel… within 5 minutes I spot a minor but noticeable problem. The ground crewman that is nearby is unwilling to help… he gives me some sort of Labor Union excuse and tells me to go fill out a form… it’s a minor problem but still it’s a problem… I fix it and get onboard for the flight to the space station.

The journey to the station becomes a nightmare as the ship is attacked by a hacker. The ship is thrown about and it becomes obvious that we are doomed to crash into the docking bay, but through the skilled piloting of the Dr. and the expertise of the young woman at fending off the attack, we manage to make a hard touchdown in the landing bay.

The station attendants are none to pleased by our arrival and they end up costing us a meeting with the prospective employer as they attempt to sort out our landing problems and find out if I am who I say I am… I knew the identification would present itself as a problem… life was so much easier on the fringe.

We wait another day to have a meeting with the high powered official. The ship is attacked a second time while we sleep… the oxygen levels are drained from the ship, but we manage to open the doors in time to let in fresh air while the girl, Pan, fixes the computer system and removes a virus from the memory core.

The meeting goes as planned and we end up moving some jewels from one station to another all while making a good sum of money. I’ve yet to be paid though… I’ll need some cash to find a place to live while I find my answers.

On the way out we are attacked a third time, but this time we locate the exact signal of the attack and make our way to a location in the jungles of Brazil on Earth. The signal leads us to an abandoned missile silo in the middle of the jungle. Tracks are found, but they seem old… we follow them deeper into the facility. After a bit of exploration, we locate a computer terminal in the bottom of the missile silo which is where the cyber attack originated, but it is not the original source, this is just a transmission station. As we begin to think about what steps we need to take next, alarms cut through the silence and I immediately take up a defensive position.



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