On the Maelstrom's Edge

Mind fucks

Pan Adventure 5

Since we’ve gotten back to the ship I’ve been taking every free minute going through my video of our fight with the Dark Legion. I fought the Dark Legion, that was amazing. Who would have thought what would have come of signing on with Morn. I mean this is a big deal. I can’t wait to hear the online buzz this video causes; this information has to get out to the world.

First I gotta clean off all the stuff that makes us identifiable. Names, modify voices, blur video etc. Of course the right people will probably be able to connect the dots, like that captain. I didn’t like that cunt…I think I was worried about her stealing my data. That and the mind fucking. That is messed up even if it’s being done by some “nice” Chinese old man.

I gotta look into ways to stop this bullshit, technology, mental exercise, there has got to be a way.



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