On the Maelstrom's Edge



As I think back to the face of that receptionist all I can think is, he’s some robot part of some plot to stop us. Some fake vat flesh covering over an android frame…maybe a actually human chipped and under their mind control… that is what paranoia is isn’t it.

Everyone is against us…me…the details are murky even as the story comes together.

Thinking back to the foot print someone pointed out in the mud, I immediately compared it to my own and think some other version of me tried to kill or at least stop us on that space station.

My brain has been wandering more like this…gotta focus. Can’t put too much trust in these guys around me to get it right.

Now here I am in some alley, gimpy just shanked some low-life. Good stab too right between the ribs. Lloyd puts his buddy down with a silenced gun. Not as smooth as I would have hoped…but I think I’m beyond that now. Hungry for answers, done playing nice, I’ve been feeling too much like a pawn in this game. I think it’s time for an upgrade…rook perhaps.
Now lets see if we can find the mother fucker who tried to crash us and figure out why.



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