On the Maelstrom's Edge

The Adventures of Pan and Android Joe

Pan and Android Joe scan video footage of the attack on the café. They discover the following: the bullet that killed Annika came from a sniper shooting from a nearby office building. They begin to plan an office break-in. Pan installs ninjaware98 into AJ’s mainframe to prepare.

Pan and AJ hack the police system to get the police report from the café shooting. They find out that the remaining bodies from the hit squad were taken away by Bauhaus. They also learn that pressure from an unknown source effectively closed the police investigation. There is no information or investigation on a sniper. Media reported the attack as a battle between rival gangs. Pan modifies the evidence so that it is unlikely to ever lead back to the Whitestar Agency.

Pan and Android Joe travel to meet Pan’s contact, a middle-aged technician named Coleman Galloway. Coleman shows some interest in Android Joe, and then Coleman and Pan get to work talking about the broken datapad. Coleman examines the datapad and explains that it will take some time, at least a week, to repair and extract the information. Pan gives Coleman a Whitestar company mobile phone for secure communication. They say farewell and then Pan and AJ head back to the neighborhood of the café attack.

Parking a few blocks away, Pan and AJ hit the street. The building is called “HLG Building 1.” Pan and AJ slowly walk by to scope out the security situation and then turn down an alley to begin the break-in. They hack the building system, and download security footage from the day of the café attack. They learn that the sniper was in place on the 30th floor before the café meeting with Annika began.

Retracing the sniper’s path, Pan and AJ unlock the loading dock and take the service elevator to the 30th floor. The 30th floor is unused office space, clear of people and equipment but with a good view of the street. Pan and AJ find the sniper’s likely position and discover a hole in the window. The hole was laser cut to facilitate the barrel of a rifle. The find a spot of gun oil and take a sample. They also find some hair follicles, perhaps belonging to the sniper.



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