On the Maelstrom's Edge

Trusting Myself

Pan to the team

Trusting myself
Ok Lloyd, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to poke around in my head. I’m not normally the type to like to share info, or trust others but I’m feeling less like I have an option. Shit is getting crazy and I think some of the info might be hidden in my own head. Now don’t mess around in there or anything. I think I’m also going to have a brain and cyber scan going on at the same time. Full system diagnostic basically. So Lloyd I’m going to have Phin and AJ sit in too.

I’ve gotten bombarded with images recently, like the sight of some people have unlocked some old memories. I put some work into recreating this from them. Having a headware computer does provide some advantages. Take a look at this video. This first happened when I saw that bitch Captain Menednez? That is really why I didn’t like her so much. Hell she was probably just in the same boat I’m in.

Also I’m going to share all the research records,

I think it’s all linked to Whitewash. Combine that with the files AJ found and there are a lot of questions I can’t answer.



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