On the Maelstrom's Edge

Whirling Death Machine

How a little Chinese man almost killed Lloyd


As we move through darkened alleys, and try to head up a set of stairs that leads to our destination, triad soldiers head our direction cutting us off. We backtrack and head into a warehouse, unlock a door to sleeping room, then head into kindergarten where we scare a class of kids. We glare at them as they scream and cry then head out into new alley. Triad troops surround us and we enter combat. Two unarmed soldiers rush forward and I take out them out, but not before I take a stunning kick in the upper chest. Pan kills off my attacker and I move up to kill off the two attackers on Lloyd. removing both in quick order.

Pistol armed triads move down another alley to attack us. I catch one in the armor, shake it off then take cover around a corner as I shoot down the alley at the advancing soldiers. Lloyd moves down alley towards Triad, bullets impact uselessly on his psionic armor, the triads pull back, giving me enough time to move up behind Lloyd and take out the guy peering around the corner.

Lloyd heads down to help Pan as I march forward to the last remaining triad to get a prisoner. We trade shots, he getting the best of me as I catch one in the chest, it spins me and my armor absorbs the blow. I move up to remove his cover, but my damn leg twitches and I loose my aim… he smiles at me. Pan and Lloyd fend off a group of melee armed triad that keep appearing out of the darkened alleys. The gunfight between myself and the goon is like a bad movie, shots flying, lots of noise ,but no impacts. I finally take out the grinning triad member with a shot to his knee, he falls groaning and screaming with pain. I turn reload and head back toward the fight which seems to have intensified, as I make it halfway down the alley, three guys with pistols appear at the head of the alley and open fire on me, the bullets ricochet off the tight corridors. I take out the first guy with a shot to the chest and miss the second guy with a quick shot over his shoulder. I head out of cover to engage them up close but my shots go wild, I must have startled them with my boldness because their shots go very wild and put holes into a nearby garbage pile. I take out one of the goons, but it seems like I’m going to replay my last gunfight. The Triad goon and I continue to trade shots, a click echos from his gun, I smile as his weapon goes empty, I bring up my Punisher but the gun jams, The Ironfist close behind and at this range the impact from the bullet throws a bit of bio-matter into my face as the goon falls to the floor with a smug smile on his face, my gun clicks empty.

As I turn to engage the remaining triads, Pan and Lloyd are standing there in the midst of a pile of bodies. A strange goofy white kid pops his face out of a door and beckons us into hiding.

We follow the kid into a safe-house past a couple of old women and end up in a small shop with a Chinese kid playing with a robot toy. We take a rest to repair our wounds and our equipment, the small kid lends me a hand with my gun while Lloyd and Skinnay negotiate a price for assisting us in our search. He informs us that a local hacker was the guy trying to kill us and that he was using his uncle’s monastery as a link to the outside world. He agrees to take us near the local hacker’s residence.

We follow Skinnay to a small darkened room where he explains to us how to get to the local hacker’s room. We head up the stairs, I slowly make my way up behind Lloyd and Pan and we encounter a small Chinese man at the top, who was waiting for us. Combat begins as an implanted shotgun blasts away into Lloyd. The wired street samurai makes short work of Lloyd as we exchange bullets and sword play in the staircase… Lloyd drops as the Samurai leaps out of sight into the darkness.

We pull back to tend to Lloyd’s wounds meeting back up with Skinnay… miraculously Lloyd pulls through with a last ditch effort of his psionic power. We clean up quickly and head back to our original target.

Pan Quickly breaks through the security and we enter a dingy cluttered apartment with a scared kid holding a grenade. Before we can talk him down, the Samurai climbs over the balcony, the kid turns and throws his grenade at the Samurai. Lloyd and I move forward to engage as the kid makes a beeline for the doorway. The samurai manages to pitch the grenade over the edge as he leaps onto the balcony and runs into the room. Both Lloyd and I are able to catch him with a few shots, but not before he slashed the kid down with his sword. We blaze into him with our guns and manage to stop him just as he’s about to escape off the balcony.

Pan and I manage to tie off the serious bleeder in the kid’s arm before he dies of blood loss. We scan the room to ensure we are safe and collapse after the sudden onslaught of adrenaline ends.



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