On the Maelstrom's Edge


Pan's research

You are able to pull up information on project whitewash. The information that you can gather is limited but deals with a cybertronic black operation that targeted a few facilities on Luna as well as a facility in orbit around earth.

One of the facilities targeted was the one that AJ had in his memory. The operation was targeting scientists at the facilities as well as information regarding a Venusian research facility as well as a mercury research facility.

The operation went off without any issues until half way through the operation when The Cartel was alerts to the attacks. The Cartel moved in quickly and stopped the battles and forced the cybertronic operatives to fall back.

Cybertronic insisted that they launched the attack in defense of their corporation, that a cabal formed from members of the other corporations were planning to launch an attack of devastating proportions against all cybertronic employee/citizens.

The whitewash operation was partially successful, it forced the cabal corporations to halt their research. The locations of the other research facilities were not discovered as far as you can find out, but the research you uncovered hinted that the other facilities were very important to the evidence cybertronic required to incriminate the other corps.


> Research. The name of the game is slow and careful. Especially after the Bauhaus assassian squad.
> So I’m going to check our ID match algorithms.

Your match program finds approximately 1 million individuals that match around 3000 specific different faces, the ratio is evenly spread out amongst the different faces and spread out all over the known verse.

> Also project whitewash, ID the building, pull all info.
Whitewash still pulls nothing. The building pulls up as local on Luna. It is currently owned by a Bauhaus subsidiary called Umbrella Corporation.

> Look into hacking it etc.
It is inaccessible remotely, so you cannot hack it.

> Probably setup remote survaliance as well. If it’s local.
You setup surveillance on the building and get the day to day activities. There are a good number of people working at the facility. From what you can see, physical security is tight but not overwhelming, very subdued.

> Put the datapad back together.
The data pad is going to take a while. You will need to rebuild the drive sector by sector, you need may need to send it out to a guy you know who has some experience in rebuilding drives.

AJ and I dropped this off with an old associate of mine to work on. It’ll take sometime.

Work with Phin

Full scan and autopsy on our bauhaus friend. Trying to figure out how I heard him in my head. I’m going to sweep him and the car for bugs and act to jam them even if I don’t find any.
You do a full workup on the dead Bauhaus soldier. No cyberware. His name is henrick feuring. He works for umbrella corp, stationed at the Luna building. He is a captain in the Bauhaus military special forces. He has an apartment in Bauhaus sector off military campus. He is not married, no kids, parents dead. No infractions in his military record. Multiple commendations.

I let everyone know I was warned via internal radio before the shot was taken. I didn’t know I had an internal communicator before that moment.

The voice in your head was not bauhausian. And there is nothing you can find from any checks on his body or the vehicle that would point towards the transmission coming from the bauhaus soldiers. You detect no bugs anywhere on the body or the vehicle, and you disable the tracking system in the vehicle.



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