Android Joe


Android: Asimov Circuits, Construct (+2 to recover from being Shaken, don’t suffer wound modifiers, immune to poison and disease. Androids cannot heal naturally. To heal an android requires the Repair skill), Outsider, Unnatural (Arcane powers, both detrimental and beneficial, suffer a –2 penalty to affect androids. This has no effect on damaging powers, which affect them normally.)

Agility d10
Smarts d4
Spirit d4
Strength d8
Vigor d10

Bennies: 3
Charisma: -2
Pace: 8 [d8 running die]
Parry: 7
Toughness: 14 (w/Heavy Jacket)

Climbing d4
Fighting d10
Knowledge [Capitol Corp] d4
Knowledge [Computers] d4
Knowledge [Cybertronic Corp] d4
Knowledge [Electronics] d4
Notice d4
Security d4
Shooting d10
Stealth d4
Throwing d6

Edges: Arcane Background (Cyberware), Brawny

Hindrances: Clueless (major), Quirk – AI mismatch (minor), Loyal (minor), Pacifist (minor)

Cyberware (8 points used):
Attribute Boost (Strength)
Subdermal Armor (Armor +3)
Leg enhancement
Built-in Multimedia
Skill Chip: Stealth

Heavy Jacket, Capitol M50 with GL attachment, 30 clips (300 bullets), 2 Fragmentation Grenades, Vibro Greatsword, Communicator, Electronics Tool Kit.


Internal Cybertronic Memo #1533008
RE: Atilla Mark 1 serial# J-053PH3M1TH

Construction on this unit was completed ten months ago and was field deployed with Operation [redacted] being staged at [redacted]. In brief, the outcome of Operation [redacted] was total [redacted] with [redacted, redacted, redacted] and [redacted, redacted, redacted, redacted]. [Next two sentences completely redacted].

Two months ago the Whitestar Agency went online with what they claim is a custom security android made in-house. While the appendages and outer plating suggest a custom job, the chassis and cranial unit strongly suggest that Whitestar’s Android may be our missing Mark 1.
If this is indeed true, the following questions must be answered: 1) what are the prospects that any proprietary hardware may be reverse engineered? 2) what are the prospects that any proprietary software may be reverse engineered? and 3) what are the prospects that any datapaks related to Operation [redacted] may be recovered?

1) Prospects of a Security Breach in Proprietary Hardware. Operation [redacted] spurred a much needed redesign on the Mark 1. With the rollout of the new model Mark 1 in recent wetworks, the Whitestar Android (if it is indeed serial# J-053PH3M1TH) can only be considered obsolete tech. As the new Mark 1 uses the unmatched [redacted] in its [redacted], the leak of out-dated systems cannot be seriously considered a threat.

2) Prospects of a Security Breach in Proprietary Software. Following the outcome of Operation [redeacted], all field units were remote wiped. Fortunately our latest Panther OS allows complete uninstall and hard drive burn in the case of [redacted]. In short, the Whitestar situation is an example of the kind of thing we guard against with the remote wipe contingency. No chance of a security threat. UPDATE: We now know that Whitestar has installed Series 7 DoProOS on their Android, giving it the AI of a Capitolian Domestic/Protocol unit. If this is indeed our Mark 1, I don’t have to point out how absurd this is.

3) Prospects that data on Operation [redacted] may be recovered. As with 2) above, the remote wipe removes all data and causes the hard drive to burn itself out. No chance of a security threat.

At worst, this Whitestar Android is a minor problem. We have begun Level 1 surveillance to monitor the situation.

Reply-to: [redacted]@[redacted].cyb

Android Joe

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