Dr. Phineas (Phin) Rothstein


agility d8
smarts d8
spirit d6
strength d4
vigor d4

charisma: 2
pace: 6
parry: 4
toughness: 4 (with armor:7/-1 AP)


Driving d4 ( +2)
Fighting d4
Healing d8
Investigation d4
Knowledge (Medicine) d4
Notice d4
Persuasion d4 ( +2)
Piloting d4 ( +2)
Shooting d8
Stealth d4
Streetwise d4 ( +2)

Hindrances: Arrogant (Major), Doubting Thomas (Minor), Quirk – hits on hotties (Minor)

Edges: Attractive ( +2 Charisma), Ace ( +2 driving, boating, piloting rolls)

Equipment: Light Armor ( +2, Conceal +2, AP -1), Light Jacket ( +1, Grants Conceal +1), Bolter Pistol, 38 Ammo, Backpack, Medical Toolkit, Communicator.


For a guy like Phin, sometimes it seems like life is easy. Unfortunately, that was often true growing up. He was handsome, smart and the girls liked him. Being a handsome young doctor in Luna City helped.

His career was very promising, he was a talented surgeon, but arguably not the best. Phin was fine with that – he cared more about the ladies than the medical accolades anyway. He spent more time learning how to fly and drive like a daredevil.

Since he was a kid, his father always took him to the races. Anything that moved, little Phin loved. It was his mother, however, who expected him to grow up and be a doctor. Phin wasn’t excited about the prospects as a teenager, and focused more on cars, planes and boats. He won a lot of races, got a lot of trophies and got straight Bs in his medical classes.

He joined the Junior racing circuit, his father was a racer and he was good. There was a girl involved too. Kara was better than Phin and he liked it. The two fell in love and competed fiercely. One day, in a race, Kara pushed it too far and got into a wreck. Phin pulled over and pulled the girl from the wreck. Saving her was more important than the race, but Kara didn’t see it that way – the race was everything to her. Phin’s decision to give it up for medicine didn’t make sense to her. Ever since she left him, Phin’s been searching for a replacement in any and every available piece of tail. Unfortunately, that leaves him feeling mostly empty.

Not to say he wouldn’t tell you he was the best surgeon. He still is very competitive – some would say because of what he’s lost, he’s overconfident – but others might argue he might really be that good. He finished medical school and spent several years developing a promising medical career at St. Augustine in Luna City. The pay was good, the women and drink a plenty, but something was missing – the excitement. Then one day, Phin met Morn Whitestar. He was working the clinic that day, and she came in to have some electrical burns treated. There was something about her that was different… dangerous.

It wasn’t uncommon for Phin to ask a pretty girl out for drinks after patching them up at the clinic – not quite as public as the hospital… less supervision or poo-pooing of that sort of behavior. It’s a bit ambiguous as to the extent of what Morn and Phin were involved in, but the two hit it off. She offered something that he was looking for. She wasn’t just a typical businesswoman – she was involved in things more interesting – more like the races. She needed a pilot and a doctor and Phin needed a little something more. He gave his notice to the hospital and was hired as a consultant for the Whitestar Agency.

Dr. Phineas (Phin) Rothstein

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