Pandora (Pan)

Teenage Goth Girl, until you look at her eyes then you realize she's older...and has an edge.


Human (1 free Edge) from Earth

Agility: d8
Smarts: d10
Spirit: d6
Strength: d4
Vigor: d4

d4 Fighting
d6 Investigation
d4 Intimidation:
d4 Piloting:
d8 Shooting:
d10 Security
d8 Repair

d4+2 Notice

Damage Protection:
Toughness: 3 (6)
Parry: 3
Pace: 6
Charisma: -2

Hindrances: Outsider\Mean (Minor), Enemy Cybertronic (Minor), Small (Major)

Edges: Streetware +2 Notice, Jack of All Trades, Hacker, Quick, Chromeware (Second Brain), Marksman

Second Brain (2)
Requirements: Seasoned
Power Points: 2
Effect: A second brain, in the form of a small computer, has been placed in the character’s skull. The character’s Wild Die for Smarts and Smarts-linked skill rolls increases by one step (usually to a d8)
Sensor Package +2 Notice


Personal Funds: $0
Carried Weight:
Black Duster (Armor: 4, Conceal: +2, AP: -2)
Black Armored Motorcycle Helmet

Car-23 SMG (12/24/48 2d6 1 2.6 26 AP 1, 3 Rnd Burst)
Ammo: 30 Shredder

Knife (STR+d4 1 $15 +3 Can be thrown half STR)

Frag Grenade (4d6 – 5/10/20 2 $25 -3 MBT

Black Duffle Bag, Comm, Lighter, Smokes 2 packs


Pan looks like a mid teens Goth girl, but is actually 22. She is 4"10 with a very small build, because of that many underestimate her. She is quick like a snake. She is very slow to trust others, but has built up a basics trust with this crew of trouble makers. She tends to like computers and machines more than people. Easier to predict, easier for her to understand. Their brains work more like hers.

Raise 5 Hacker
Raise 10 Quick
Raise 15 Spirit d6

XP 27
1 Char Hist1
+3 Advent 1 WU
+2 Advent 2
+3 Advent 3 WU
+2 Advent 4
+3 Advent 5 WU
+3 Advent 6 WU
+2 Advent 7
+2 Advent 8
+3 Advent 9 WU
+3 Advent 10 WU

Pandora (Pan)

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