Marco Vanderhaus

Marco wears a suit of desert camo survival armor, an armored ball cap, mirrored eye protection goggles and a light tan scarf covering his face. He favors his right side and walks with an obvious limp on his left side.


XP: 25 Seasoned

Agility: D8
Smarts: D6
Spirit: D8
Strength: D6
Vigor: D8

Charisma -2
Pace 4 D4 run
Parry 5
Toughness 6 (9)

Climbing D4
Fighting D6
Healing D4
Notice D6
Repair D6
Security D4
Shooting D8
Survival D6
Tracking D4

Lame (major)
Loyal (minor)
Ugly (minor)

Hard to Kill

Nerves of Steel
Increase Strength
Two Fisted

Survival armor + 3 ( + 2 survival )
Punisher 2d8 4 speed loaders + 26 rounds
Ironfist 2d6 + 1
Climbing equipment


Marco was part of the first wormhole expedition force sent through to prepare the first planet to receive colonists. Marco was a top tier electrical engineer who’s primary job was to get the atmospheric processor up and running.

The first planet was a tough location, the planet itself was extremely rocky with an underground water supply system, but it presented difficulties in getting the atmospheric processor operating due to the terrain. Within a year, the planet, which was called New New Mexico because of the terrain features, was producing its own oxygen and atmosphere. Marco loved the new planet, it reminded him of his many explorations as a child with his father in the mountains on earth, before they had to leave.

Marco spent his working hours maintaining the systems on New New Mexico: atmosphere, water, energy production systems. In his off hours he spent his time exploring the lay of the land. Because of his hobbies, Marco was the first person the colony turned to for camping trips and long hikes… His survival instincts and experience were sought after by all.

Everything changed one evening when the colony was attacked by a group of hostile creatures that landed at the spaceport. At first the spaceport authorities thought the ship was an Umbrella Corp transport and supply vessel, but once the passengers disembarked and began attacking all of the workers at the port, they knew they were in trouble.

The creatures resembled undead warriors from an unknown world. They moved with lightning speed and they quickly decimated the guards and all the workers in the space port, who in turn rose from the spot they had died and began joining the creatures in attacking the living colonists.

Marco and a small group of colonists escaped into the mountains where they survived for a long while until they needed supplies. Upon returning to the now destroyed colony base, Marco found all the inhabitants dead and now risen as undead creatures. Marco and the remaining colonists lived for the next year in the mountains trying to find a way off the planet to no avail. It wasn’t until Umbrella Corporation returned at the end of the first year and bombarded the planet destroying most of the creatures that Marco and his allies made good their escape. Once the bombardment was completed, Marco and the remaining colonists made their way to the spaceport to steal a ship. Almost to the destination, a group undead caught up with the group and killed each of the colonists except Marco who escaped with his life, but not without severe injuries to his face and left leg.

Marco barely escaped and eventually made his way to an Umbrella Corporation facility where he received medical attention and he learned the truth about his employers and how they knew about the dangers and that they left the colony exposed. Marco escaped the facility hidden on a supply ship destined for the Sol System to find answers.

Marco Vanderhaus

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