Morn Whitestar

Corporate suit who's not afraid to get her hands dirty.


Human (1 free Edge) from Luna

XP: 10 (2 advances total) / Advances Used: 1 (Spirit)

Agility: d8
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d8
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6

Driving: d4
Fighting: d4
Gambling d4
Investigation: d4
Knowledge (Capitol Corp): d4
Knowledge (Business): d4
Notice: d4
Persuasion: d6 ( +2)
Piloting: d4
Shooting: d8
Stealth: d4
Streetwise: d4 ( +2)

Damage Protection: 9 (AP: -2)
Toughness: 5 (Armor: 4)
Parry: 4
Pace: 6
Charisma: +2

Hindrances: Loyal (Minor), Pacifist (Minor), Vengeful (Major)

Edges: Attractive (+2 Charisma), Rich, Connections (Capitol)


Personal Funds: In FG
Carried Weight: In FG

Light Armor / Heavy Jacket (Armor: 4, Conceal: +2, AP: -2)
(Grants +1 conceal to items under jacket)
(total armor weight: 7)

Ronin Pistol (Range: 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6, ROF: 1, Ammo Cap: 15, AP 2, Semi-Auto, Conceal +2, Quickdraw +1)

Ammo: in FG

Telescopic Staff (Damage: 2d4, Conceal +3/ -3, Parry +2, Reach 1, 1 Free action to extend/retract)

Communicator, Flashlight, Backpack, Communicator (Burner)


The Whitestar family has long been a part of Capitol’s history. They helped pioneer some of the early Luna & Mars settlements, and they have traditionally held top positions within Capitol.

All of that ended when Roger Whitestar was branded a traitor to the company and thrown into a Capitol prison.

Roger, a board member, was caught redirecting funds to secure Exodus passage for known enemies of Capitol. Through the sister company he managed, he helped some ten thousand Earth refugees to Mars – against explicit orders from Capitol.

After he was thrown into prison, the investigation began to discover more unsettling things. Roger had long been misusing the sister company for his own agenda, misproportioning funds for his own personal causes. As a part of the investigation, his daughter Morn was sentenced to 3 months in prison to ensure the Whitestar family was made an example of. Though no direct involvement could be proven, she managed the sister company’s books and was sentenced for her association.

After Morn was released from prison, her father told her about a small company he formed under her name – The Whitestar Agency. Regretful for all he had done to destroy his family, he told her how to access the assets and pleaded with her to sell it off and live a comfortable life away from all the ugly politics/business.

Morn had a different idea.

Upon opening the run-down warehouse on the warf at Luna City, a plan formed in her mind. She called in a friend to get the dropship in working order and discovered something else – an android. Though the machine was a crude model, it would serve its purpose well.

Morn set out to settle the score with a former co-worker – the man who blew the whistle on the Whitestars. After hunting him down, she discovered he was also a double agent for Cybertronic. Instead of killing him, she left him in Capitol custody.

Unfortuantely, the capture of the double-agent had no effect on Roger’s term, which still stood at 30 years.

Now, with a small firm free from Capitol control, Morn has set out to stake her claim and salvage her family name.

Morn Whitestar

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