On the Maelstrom's Edge

The Story So Far

Restoration of your recovered Cheyenne Dropship and the interesting Android unit at the scrapyard has finally been completed. Everything shines with new coats of paint, the Whitestar Logo emblazoned just below the cockpit canopy, and the warehouse clean and ready for business… now all you need is a job.

It didn’t take long… a call comes in from an Mishma Suit looking to hire a discrete agency to recover some very valuable lost goods. The money sounds promising about $7500, but the time frame is short; 24- 48 hours with a $2500 bonus for coming in under 24.

More information will be presented at the meet, The Suit is willing to meet at your facility within the hour.

Not exactly according to plan...

Morn Whitestar’s personal log

I suppose those words will take new meaning as we accept non-standard work. Life between the corporate shadows certainly isn’t what I expected.

We took a contract from a Mishima suit and I wasn’t keen on this type of rush-job right out of the gate. But life so rarely follows a script. One minute you are on your yacht, sipping mimosas, and then you are sharing a concrete cell with Yolanda.

That’s just life, I guess.

Anyway, we take the job to retrieve a certain briefcase likely full of biological material — safe to be around, if you can trust the Mishima suit. However, we had less than 48 hours to fulfill the contract, as the material apparently had some sort of quick half-life or something.

We follow our one lead to a residence high-rise and Finn finds a hidden microchip. We learn of the imminent sale of the briefcase and rush to the meeting spot only to be greeted with limited options. Pan confirms the case is onsite at the factory, but there are 6 men guarding it — not exactly the situation I wanted to walk Pan, Finn and myself into.

In the end, Finn’s solution was… rather unique. I thought it had a good chance of working without bloodshed – but we ended up in a gunfight nonetheless. Ah well. Let’s just say I’ll never look at a forklift quite the same after tonight’s events.

I’m sad we had to shoot people to achieve our goal, but I’d be lying if a part of me didn’t feel exhiliration between the bullet trails. Don’t get me wrong, however: I certainly don’t want to seek-out firefights, as that’s a quick way to the grave.

Once the dust settles and I get a good night’s rest, I’ll look into some non-letal options… just so we have them on hand. I think this last contract would have gone much more smoothly if we were better prepared or we had more time.

Case In Hand

Your ears still ringing, from the concussive blast of the grenade explosion in an enclosed space, you hustle out the metal door from the factory into the relative calm of the rundown neighborhood. Looking around you see no other people nearby which leaves you a clear escape path to your waiting car.

The case is heavy and requires two hands to carry it, but it is definitely intact and the readout shows that the material is stable within. Heading out the hole in the fence created earlier, you make it back to your car and make a clean escape.

Where to next?

Workplace Violence, Angels and Douchebags

Morn Whitestar’s personal log

With the case in hand, we head back to the Whitestar offices to seal the deal. Upon arrival I find a stranger and a ghost from my past waiting for me.

No time for that.

Gangers assault the agency and shoot it up. While Finn and I ensure Ms. Roberts gets to safety, Pan slows down the group in the loading docks. The two newcomers help out, and the Slav even takes a bullet. At first, we thought the gangers were after the case – a double-cross from Mr. Indo. However, I look outside and notice them dragging Mr. Indo to a car. Though I tried my best, I couldn’t reach him in time — he was our payday.

We regroup in the conference room where Finn goes to work on Arkaday, the wounded Slav. I send everyone else home and as we recover, we get a call from the former Mishima douchebag who we think originally stole the case. Mr. Douchebag says he’ll trade us Mr. Indo for the case.

Not wanting to endanger my group any further, I call Mishima to tell them about their mess. They offer to pay us $10k to get Mr. Indo back. Now, instead of $0, we have $20k on the table. Not a bad night’s take!

We arrange for a duplicate case and a plan forms in my mind — Finn takes the Cheyenne and the real case to the meet. He picks up Mr. Indo and flys our $20k cargo to safety while the rest of us handle any betrayal from Mr. Douchebag. Arkaday and Lloyd agree to assist, for a cut. And Android Joe is finally in a combat-ready state so we’re set to go.

We meet, our angel descends from the sky, and all hell breaks loose. Mr. Douchebag’s men get their heads blown up from some other force of auto-fire snipers. Not wanting to risk this new, unknown threat — I have Finn pick up Mr. Indo anyway. Better safe than dead.

Arkaday gets holed again and we get out of there. Pan tells me she double-tapped Mr. Douchebag and we’ll not hear from him again. Finn safely has our cargo and I’m sure Mr. Indo can clear a path for the Cheyenne to whatever Mishima lab he wants to get to.

$20k, on its way.


Lloyd Fergusson, notes for file: Whitestar – Followup

Dropped in at Whitestar Agency, MW not there. Left in waiting room with fringe ruffian also looking for MW. Her clientele must be dropping.

Didn’t get to talk to MW. Thugs with SMGs assaulted Whitestar Agency building; timing would have been good for taking down myself and MW, if attack orchestrated by X. Unfortunately, no survivors to question (MW and her ruffian client Arkady turn out to be good with weapons). Had to heal Arkady, will need to explain that to MW & co.

MW stated attack part of job Agency was working on, apparent smash-and-grab to get back a case they stole; instead thugs grabbed the guy who hired MW. Ransom call made while patching up Arkady (Rothstein seems capable physician). MW seemed very callous while taking ransom call, need to watch that. MW then contacted captured suit’s boss, arranged to be paid for rescue attempt. Can’t blame her for getting paid, still feels very mercenary. Went along on rescue for 3 reasons: 1) Unwilling to let MW walk off before talking 2) MW’s crew seemed bent on bloodshed (esp. the little girl, Pan), needed to minimize since already involved 3) Couldn’t not help hostage situation.

Exchange at parking garage. Predictable, gunfight. Not predicted: snipers, presumably Mishima hit squad from hostage’s boss. Moved hostage as quickly as possible to escape vehicle (Rothstein also capable pilot). Again, healed Arkady (can’t tell if he’s unlucky, unwise, or both). Cleared scene in MW’s vehicle.

Notes: Still need to talk to MW. Must ask where she acquired the android.

In a bar

OK, so you are wanting to hear about my day? Da, fine, but first keep filling my glass.

So, I had just finished bringing back the other haul you told me about when I got tip that team with transport is available for new work. I headed to address I was given – seemed corporate and I did not get chance to clean up. Oh well, this would not be first time Arkady was under-dressed to ball, you know what I mean, friend?

While I was sitting in waiting area gunfire erupted from front of building – da, yes, gunfire! – so me and man I was waiting with both pulled out pistols – da, yes, both of us! – and headed out to see what was going on.

A little girl was trading SMG fire with some Banda – you know, “members of gang” – who had kicked their way into building, and two suits were trapped in front room of office. Reception lady had just run out of front room when I saw one Banda was exposed so I took shot. Figured it wouldn’t hurt my rep with corp to help take out trash, right?

Little girl kept pulling trigger on SMG – I don’t know, maybe in teens? – but she was hitting targets. One of Banda caught her with burst and she went rolling back into cubicles. I know, crazy place for gunfight, right? The suits in front room had it about cleaned up when even more Banda appeared through back door!

Other guy in waiting room – remember him? – well name is Lloyd and he was doing pretty good helping me shoot new Banda. We just about had them all, but there one left so I figured Kakogo Cherta – “What the Hell” – wouldn’t it make for better story later if I ran out and shot him in face? For old time’s sake, yes?

Well, it did not work so good. I do not remember everything, but I missed with burst – oh, I had better SMG by then, Mr Doctor, one of suits up front, throw it to me – and he hit with his. Banda did, I mean. Hit me. My vest only stopped bit of it and I was thrown across room and I felt tearing and hot pain. I think I screamed at him when I hit floor – Pyos yob tvoyu mat!!! “My male dog fucks your mother!!!” – but that’s all I remember.

Da, male dog, very important part of saying, yes? Because it is you that fucks female dog, not female dog fucking you. No, not you – the Banda!

So anyway, you know what, friend? I lived. Craziest thing, that is why I am sitting here with you now, right? All I remember is some red man laughing at me, in my dreams, you know? And then I was awake in front room and all of Banda were dead or gone away and Mr Doctor – one who threw SMG to me – he was looking at me with very worried but not unpleasant expression.

Hey, fill glass again. Da, right to top, that is good.

Well, Mr Doctor patched me up and I felt pretty good even, so I figured I would hang around bit. I still wanted to talk to Gospozha Whitestar – the lady, yeah, you know her? – about that job. Not just yet, through, since they needed to get people who had tried to kill them. I do not know, it was not clear but yes I agree – finish one thing before starting another, right?

OK, rest of story involves walking robot man, trading person for empty case, shooting dozen more Banda, and one of them getting lucky shot on Arkady again. This time not my fault! But that is all OK now, so yes I am fine.

So, tell me again about abandoned ejection pods – I know you gave coordinates but which direction you think they headed? Da, da, very good.

Self Diagnostic


BATT 87% (charging)

CAMB -0.1o CAST 2.4 o ELB 1.4 o ROT 0.26 o RAD -0.4 o
CAMB -0.7o CAST 2.6 o ELB -1.2 o ROT 0.06 o RAD 0.1 o
CAMB -0.5o CAST 0.11 o KNE 2.4 o ANK 0.5 o TOE -0.04 o
CAMB -0.1o CAST 0.09 o KNE -1.1 o ANK 0.26 o TOE -0.05 o
CMOS 128 MP ISO 100-6400



Pan CH

I awake in a cold sweat, the image of the young guard dying fading into the darkness.

I remember the start of that night, looking down at the gun in my hand and thinking 50/50. Those were the odds I was giving myself of getting out of that Cybertronic “training” facility.
I left the guard Tommy alive; he was gullible enough over the last month to give me a chance to get out of here. Through our late night rendezvous, I was able to get access to the computer system. No matter how good the security all it takes is one gullible person to leave your whole system exposed.

They knew we were a bunch of super hackers they were training, so computer and physical security was super tight. By this point though, I was in their system so deep I could adjust security details and modify my own psych evals. The gun was really just a backup; if it came to that I was probably not making it out alive. I’d already made that decision one way or the other though.

Actually getting out was easy, almost just walking right out the door. I had live feeds, had shifted the guards around and door access to most of the building. I even had snagged a couple of keys for the real physical locks. I was almost free and clear when the restroom door opened. I don’t know what the fuck he was doing there. I saw him a second before he saw me and raised my gun. Stupid shit went for his…I’ll never know why. One bullet center of his forehead, him or me I told myself as I ran off into the parking lot and to Tommy’s car.

Shit maybe some of what’s in the psych evals is right.

Just Another Victim
Pan Adv 3

This has been a fucking crazy job, 2 gun fights and now off to the meet. The creepy old guy is right though, this is gonna turn ugly. That in mind, I let Joe know to kill them if it goes bad. I can’t force him to, I didn’t try and setup any of that programming when I was working on him. That would make him seem like a slave. Nah he and I are cool, it’s more of a suggestion. Should it be troubling that it is so easy to say. Maybe but this idiot has gone above and beyond to show he won’t stop.

I’m so glad Morn got air access for the dropship. Knowing she will be around gives us an ultimate ace, hell what would make this easier? Mits snipers…hell and they didn’t even start shooting at us to avoid having to pay the 10K. I hit the deck though, no way I am tempting fate and getting shot again. I’m lucky that first one grazed off my vest, my ribs are still sore.

I’m thinking that I can just shoot under the cars and shoot Mr Douchbag in the feet. It looks so easy in the trids, it’s a pretty small moving target though and I keep missing. Luckily someone else takes him to the ground. I give him another 3 to the face to make sure. With that we are rolling.

Another Drink My Friend?

The Bartender lets out a deep baritone laugh as you conclude your story about the recent gunfights. He shakes his head “Ark, My drunken Russian friend” he says with a deep Scottish accent. “Your stories, if I didn’t know you, would sound preposterous and something for the trid… I’ve never known someone who has a knack for getting thrown into it as much as you!”

He grabs his bar towel and wipes down the area in front of you. He holds up his finger to single a pause as he pours a beer for the man sitting a few seats down. He returns to you and leans over conspiratorially and whispers “Now about that job I told you about. I think you must have misunderstood me, I don’t have those coordinates, but I know the guy that does.”

He pauses and looks around to see if you are being overheard, confident that no one is in earshot; The man a few seats down looks ready to pass out in his drink. “This gentleman has all the information that you need, it won’t be cheap, but it will definitely be worth it.” He passes a card to you by way of sliding it across the bar top with his finger.

Looking at the card, the name Augustus Fairbanks printed in bold letters surprises you a little. You know from being in the salvage and reclamation business, that Augustus Fairbanks is the man to know when it comes to high paying jobs. Known to be extremely honest and fair, Augustus Fairbanks is a wealthy nobleman from the Imperial Corporation who has solid information and many contacts throughout the known regions of space.

“Now, how about another drink my friend… on the house, to celebrate your good luck?” The bartender pours another Vodka for you and one for himself.


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