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Luna City
Circling the wasted earth is the greatest city ever constructed. It spans large parts of Luna’s surface and even burrows deep into the moon. Luna, once just a spectral orb in the sky, has become our new home.Luna is home to millions and people from every branch of society can be found there. All the megacorporations and most of the more prominent free enterprises have their headquarters here.

Luna’s spaceports are the larges known to mankind, and ships traveling far & wide streak through the sky at all times. Trains, blimps and helicopters service the intra-city travel.

Cybertronic’s massive HQ rises above Luna City’s skyline as a massive open-faced cylinder, which looks like a giant “C” from space. The building is surrounded my a moat and is heavily guarded.

The The Whitestar Agency can also be found here.

Mars was the first major colony after Luna, and Capitol claims the most influence here.

Before the atmospheric dome was in place, the colonies existed as large domes. Many of these complexes are still in place and they form the center of all martian cities. Terraforming of the surface has begun and Capitol has promised green grass and blue lakes — a promise still unfulfulled by the megacorp.

The largest settlement on Mars is San Dorado, and it is here that Capitol is most prominent. The city contains all manner of industries, factories, service establishments, official buildings and offices. Overcrowded with the red martian dust clinging to everything, San Dorado is home to millions, mostly Capitol. Other settlements dot the surface, mostly Imperial. Mishima does house their main shipyards on Mars, giving them a strong influence on the red planet as well. Cybertronic factories and Freelancer industries also thrive here.

Mercury has been a Mishima claim since the conquest of space began. Eventhough the planet itself is extremely hostile to life of any kind, Mishima engineers have carved massive undercities below the surface and into the craters. There, humanity thrives and mines the rich mineral deposits.

Longshore is the largest city on Mercury, and it is home to Mishima’s lord heir and his ruling family. Nicknamed the “Neversleeping City”, Longshore’s ports are second only to Luna City in trade & activity. The nearby twin city of Fukido is almost entirely under Imperial/Freelancer influence and it’s nickname is “The Free City”.

Apocalypse Ruined Earth
The Exodus is underway. As the corps move their people and offices away from earth, scavengers and unfortunates are left behind. The wasteland of earth yields no sustenance for anyone who remains.

The major exodus points are: Chicago for North America, Brasilia for South America, Berlin for Europe, Dubai for Asia, Sydney for Australia and Lagos for Africa. Corporate military forces keep those without paid/authorized passage off of earth at bay with extreme force.

The Asteroid Belt
Home to pirates and smugglers, the belt also serves as fertile mining grounds for freelancers and corporations. Navigating the belt requires a maneuverable ship and a good pilot. Many a freelancing firm has gone under after losing a season’s worth of ore to a stray asteroid strike.

Cybertronic houses the largest organized facility on the Belt – C-Base. Here, Cybertronic boasts chemical labs, research labs and an advanced refinery. The large asteroid, Caliban, is really a planetoid. Cybertronic military keeps prying eyes far from Caliban and C-Base.

Venus2 Venus
The homebuilders of Bauhaus struck out from ruined earth to Venus, in an attempt to tame the violent, primal planet. The first atmospheric dome, intended to vent greenhouse effects out into space, failed and the megacorp strives to make Venus hospitable. Massive jungles remain from the first terraforming attempt, but all settlements are safely domed. Humanity could not survive on the scorching, suffocating and poisonous surface otherwise.

Heimburg was the first Bauhausian settlement, and it remains the largest. The massive dome would be visible from space, if it weren’t for the swirling, opaque clouds which constantly cover Venusian skies. Heimburg is a clean city, at least in the corporate districts. Towards the outskirts, however, it is as filthy/unsafe as any other megacity. Of the total inhabitants, only about 10% are Bauhaus nobility. The rest are the vast Bauhaus underclass, freelancers, their employers, fortune-seekers, spies, and employees of other megacorps (of which Imperial is the largest). Since the founding of Heimburg, Imperial settlements have also thrived on Venus.

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Locations of Interest

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