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Icon bauhaus Bauhaus
The Bauhaus heirarchy is built from four ancient families. Due to the unbroken tradition of military service within the ruling families, the military still holds a strong position within the corp and only high-ranking officers may hold the highest corporate positions. Bauhaus principles include Fellowship and Heritage. A Bauhausian is proud of their family, their military rank and their ties with professional “orders” within their society. By working together, the Bauhaus machine runs as smoothly as a cog.

Bauhaus is the most prominent power on Venus, as they are working to tame the jungles and rebuild a new society.

Icon capitol Capitol
It is difficult to give a description of a Capitolian since the corp is such a huge melting-pot of professions and origins. Being the largest corp, it also has the greatest mix of employees. Capitol’s strengths from its size/diversity are many: adaptability, flexibility, sensibility and tolerance. These values, along with “openness” comprise the “Capitol Way.” Moreso than any other megacorp, Capitol allows their employees a measure of freedom and privacy to live their lives how they see fit.

Capitol’s influence is most prominent on Earth (coordinating the Exodus) and on Luna and Mars.

Icon cybertronic Cybertronic
The founding of Cybertronic was a sudden, massive takeover of corporate assets by a small, insignificant holding company. Seemingly overnight, Cybertronic rose to the ranks of megacorp. High ranking execs, scientists and politicians from all other major corps joined Cybertronic during its early days. Nobody knows how this mini “coup” was orchestrated, as much of this new megacorp is still shrouded in mystery. Cybertronic develops & manufactures most of its own equipment, which results in some of the most advanced technology.

Cybertronic is most influential in Luna City and has never had any power on Earth.

Icon imperial Imperial
The Imperial megacorp is rules by noble families called “clans.” Through the ages, these families have ascended to power and guide Imperial during this time of chaos. Imperial is known for defending their values and flag down to the last trooper. Any agreement is enforced to the letter and an Imperial will honor any bargain made. Imperial’s unique business strategy is the openly expressed philosophy that armed conquest is a legitimate means of acquisition. As such, they have colonies and holds all over the solar system.

The Imperials are everywhere, which simultaneously makes them powerful and a target for pirates, freelancers and rival corps.

Icon mishima Mishima
The Mishima corp, since its founding, been a family company administered and ruled by the Mishima dynasty. Mishima employees will, in every situation, do anything and everything for their corporation. The ideal of “Family” holds Mishima society together, and an employee would never dishonor their family. An employees family certainly extends to the corp, and the corp has no problem commanding and controlling the lives of their employees. Other Mishima values include tradition, loyalty and glory.

Mishima’s influence is most prominent on Mercury and, to a lesser extent, Mars.

Other Groups within Humanity

Icon brotherhood The Brotherhood
Longtime faith-keepers and preachers, the Brotherhood has remained on the outskirts of many of the corporate power-struggles through the years. Now, however, their prophesies are coming true with the exodus of earth and the discovery of “something” beyond the darkness of Pluto. As tales of dread and horror return to Luna from Imperial colonies, people are turning to their faith now, more than ever. Corporation and beggar alike turn to the Brotherhood for guidance towards mankind’s salvation. To work against the Brotherhood is seen as treachery against humankind itself.

Icon cartel The Cartel
Like Cybertronic, this is a very recent organization. In order to have a forum where the megacorps could discuss their differences on a purely diplomatic level, the Cartel was created. Made of of 5 delegations, one from each megacorp, the Cartel is fast growing in power. With the authority to impose embargos, sanctions and conduct high-level investigations – the Cartel is afforded power above and removed from the megacorps. Cartel agents act with almost a carte blanche, and this fact has ruffled more than a few feathers amongst megacorp execs.

The Cartel’s HQ is in Luna City.

Icon freelancers Freelancers
For the brave and daring, there are no restrictions. But you won’t make it on your own. You gather some street/family pals and form a firm. Welcome to the world of free enterprise! The only thing your employers know about you is your rep and price. A bare minimum of trust goes with the turf. Deliveries, investigation, surveillance and exploration are all part of the game. You make the rules, and you make your own destiny – for better or worse.

Enemies of Humanity

Icon darklegion The Dark Legion
Info to come…

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Power Groups

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