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Draft rules are marked in red, and subject to modification.

Adventure Writeups

Gain 1 XP per adventure log post you contribute. (max 1 per adventure)

Character Creation

Standard rules (pages 16&17 in the deluxe Savage Worlds rulebook): 5 points for attributes (which all start at d4) and 15 points for skills. You may take up to 1 major hindrance and up to 2 minor hindrances – granting 4 “points” to buy edges or further increase skills/attributes. Starting money is $500.


Lockpicking removed. Replaced with Security (Smarts). Includes computer hacking.

Arcane Backgrounds

(page 102, deluxe Savage Worlds rulebook)

Characters may take the Arcane Background Edge with some restrictions to fit the flavor of the game world. The GM can veto or change a power you choose as a player.

The Brotherhood: Trappings must be Light-based. Powers revolve around protection, healing and some smiting. They must choose the Arcane Background “Miracles.” The doctrines of the Brotherhood go along with this Arcane Background, and the character must strive to dispel corruption and darkness from all aspects of humanity. Focusing this spiritual energy is called “The Art.”

Psi-Agents: Rumors abound about psionic agents amongst the Cartel. These individuals must choose the Arcane Background “Psionics” and rarely have trappings. Their powers are usually self-buffing, illusion and sometimes healing.

Scientists: Accomplished scientists can take the “Weird Science” background. Their powers vary greatly.

Cyberware is described in detail here. It requires the Arcane Background (Cyberware) Edge. Members of the Cybertronic megacorp are renowned for installing cyberware in their bodies. Ignore cyberware $ costs at character gen, for the first 5 power points only. Saved points will still cost $ in the future.

Dark Symmetry: This is typically the realm of evil Dark Legion casters. These warlocks employ “Magic” as their arcane background and typically wield a variety of destructive and necromantic spells.

Homeworld / Race

Androids (page 20 of the deluxe rulebook) are allowed by GM discretion. Their “Assimov circuits” only affect the megacorp they were constructed by (ie: a Mishima Robogeisha will not harm known Mishima corp employees or their families). There is no way to override this. As an added benefit/penalty, you can only use bennies to resist damage (not re-rolls!) and you gain the edge: Arcane Background (Cyberware).

A character’s homeworld can have a slight effect on their starting attributes & abilities. Most characters in this time setting are born on Earth or Luna. These templates were built using the Savage World rules on page 22 of the deluxe rulebook. Andriods cannot choose a homeworld (their “race” is already factored in to their abilities).

  • Earth/Luna/Mars/on a ship: As human (free edge)
  • Venus: +4 bonus to resist heat, Free Skill (d6 Survival)
  • Mercury: +4 bonus to resist heat, Low-Light vision (no penalty for dim/dark)
  • Beyond Mars: +2 bonus to resist all environ effects (heat, cold, pressure, etc)

Starship Rules

See the Starship Rules section.

See the Starship Equipment section for costs.


Note: this is the book rule for “Notice” modified by specific gear (armor, weapons, etc).

Sometimes it makes sense to not pack an arsenal and/or certain locations may frown upon carrying a rocket launcher through the front doors. Noticing weapons and armor is a Notice roll vs the largest weapon and also the worn armor (if applicable). Target number is the standard 4, modified by the weapon/armor. Some armor helps to hide equipment carried under it (ie, Secure Jacket, Secure Longcoat).

Example: Billy has a Light Pistol (+0 Notice) under his jacket. He’s also wearing a Secure Jacket (-2 Notice). Billy tries to enter a secure park and the officer there rolls his Notice. Darkness is -2 Notice, and the Secure Jacket is another -2, for a final target number of 4 +0 (Pistol) -2 (Jacket) -2 (Darkness) = 8. The guard rolls a 8 and gets a single success – “Hey, come over here!”

Example: If Billy was trying to walk in with a Light Rifle or Assault Rifle (both Notice +4) in the same conditions the target number would be 4 + 4 (Rifle) -2 (Jacket) -2 (Darkness) = 4, which is much easier to spot.


(Deleted, contradicts book rule)


(Deleted, contradicts book rule)


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