Welcome to the Maelstrom’s Edge!

This game takes place in the Mutant Chronicles world, but with the Savage Worlds rules system. In humanity’s far future:

  • The Earth has been depleted of natural resources. Disease, greed and death run rampant.
  • Fearless Capitol pioneers settle Luna (the moon) and Mars. The first Brotherhood cathedral is built in Luna City.
  • The Homebuilders of Bauhaus strike out to Venus. Mishma’s Chosen Few carve the underworlds of Mercury. Imperial Conquistadors stake their claim in the asteroid belt and beyond.


Now, as Earth dies and people flock to the new settlements in our solar system, whispers and rumors follow the Conquistadors back from the very edge of our system. Rumors circulate of a long-dormant threat, rekindled by man’s insatiable curiosity & greed.


On the Maelstrom's Edge

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