On the Maelstrom's Edge


Pan CH

I awake in a cold sweat, the image of the young guard dying fading into the darkness.

I remember the start of that night, looking down at the gun in my hand and thinking 50/50. Those were the odds I was giving myself of getting out of that Cybertronic “training” facility.
I left the guard Tommy alive; he was gullible enough over the last month to give me a chance to get out of here. Through our late night rendezvous, I was able to get access to the computer system. No matter how good the security all it takes is one gullible person to leave your whole system exposed.

They knew we were a bunch of super hackers they were training, so computer and physical security was super tight. By this point though, I was in their system so deep I could adjust security details and modify my own psych evals. The gun was really just a backup; if it came to that I was probably not making it out alive. I’d already made that decision one way or the other though.

Actually getting out was easy, almost just walking right out the door. I had live feeds, had shifted the guards around and door access to most of the building. I even had snagged a couple of keys for the real physical locks. I was almost free and clear when the restroom door opened. I don’t know what the fuck he was doing there. I saw him a second before he saw me and raised my gun. Stupid shit went for his…I’ll never know why. One bullet center of his forehead, him or me I told myself as I ran off into the parking lot and to Tommy’s car.

Shit maybe some of what’s in the psych evals is right.



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