On the Maelstrom's Edge

Another Drink My Friend?

The Bartender lets out a deep baritone laugh as you conclude your story about the recent gunfights. He shakes his head “Ark, My drunken Russian friend” he says with a deep Scottish accent. “Your stories, if I didn’t know you, would sound preposterous and something for the trid… I’ve never known someone who has a knack for getting thrown into it as much as you!”

He grabs his bar towel and wipes down the area in front of you. He holds up his finger to single a pause as he pours a beer for the man sitting a few seats down. He returns to you and leans over conspiratorially and whispers “Now about that job I told you about. I think you must have misunderstood me, I don’t have those coordinates, but I know the guy that does.”

He pauses and looks around to see if you are being overheard, confident that no one is in earshot; The man a few seats down looks ready to pass out in his drink. “This gentleman has all the information that you need, it won’t be cheap, but it will definitely be worth it.” He passes a card to you by way of sliding it across the bar top with his finger.

Looking at the card, the name Augustus Fairbanks printed in bold letters surprises you a little. You know from being in the salvage and reclamation business, that Augustus Fairbanks is the man to know when it comes to high paying jobs. Known to be extremely honest and fair, Augustus Fairbanks is a wealthy nobleman from the Imperial Corporation who has solid information and many contacts throughout the known regions of space.

“Now, how about another drink my friend… on the house, to celebrate your good luck?” The bartender pours another Vodka for you and one for himself.



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