On the Maelstrom's Edge

Have wings...

Morn Whitestar’s personal log

With the Mishima business behind us, I was finally able to focus on our two mystery guests. Lloyd Fergusson had tracked me down to clear his conscious of some things he witnessed during my father’s trial. Lloyd was one of the Cartel investigators and I was quite surprised to see his face in my waiting room.

The other fellow, Arkady Strugatsky, had a business proposition for us. A salvage op, to be more exact, and he just needed some wings to get him there. Seems a stuffy old Imperial caught wind of some salvage near the Saturn asteroid belts. And since there’s always a catch: the man who knew the coordinates is a double-crossing pirate.

Bloody pirates.

I arranged us transport aboard a Capitol freighter and scrambled to secure things in the home office before I left. So much to coordinate at The Whitestar Agency: Lightrail’s board meeting, Dawnbreak’s quarterly financial review, the repair of our offices… and much much more. I tred to get Ms. Andrea Roberts up to speed as much as I could before leaving, but still spent most of the transit month taking care of things from the back of the dropship. Not ideal, but it worked in a pinch.

We followed the pirate’s coordinates and Dr. Phineas (Finn) Rothstein did some fancy flying to bring us in for the haul. The crates were clamped to an asteroid so we had to spacewalk to recover the bounty. I would have preferred a simpler mission to get the score, but I don’t always get what I want.

So far so good as I wait in the Cheyenne for word from the recovery team.



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