On the Maelstrom's Edge

Just Another Victim

Pan Adv 3

This has been a fucking crazy job, 2 gun fights and now off to the meet. The creepy old guy is right though, this is gonna turn ugly. That in mind, I let Joe know to kill them if it goes bad. I can’t force him to, I didn’t try and setup any of that programming when I was working on him. That would make him seem like a slave. Nah he and I are cool, it’s more of a suggestion. Should it be troubling that it is so easy to say. Maybe but this idiot has gone above and beyond to show he won’t stop.

I’m so glad Morn got air access for the dropship. Knowing she will be around gives us an ultimate ace, hell what would make this easier? Mits snipers…hell and they didn’t even start shooting at us to avoid having to pay the 10K. I hit the deck though, no way I am tempting fate and getting shot again. I’m lucky that first one grazed off my vest, my ribs are still sore.

I’m thinking that I can just shoot under the cars and shoot Mr Douchbag in the feet. It looks so easy in the trids, it’s a pretty small moving target though and I keep missing. Luckily someone else takes him to the ground. I give him another 3 to the face to make sure. With that we are rolling.



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