On the Maelstrom's Edge


Pan Adventure 6

Joe pops up this picture…of me? Looks like me from an alternate time line or something. Either some really crazy shit is going down or someone is trying to mess with me. Both are possible, but I think it’s the first. I immediately felt an effinity to Joe, but I just assumed it was because I like robots, not because a brain similar to mine developed his style and structure. Funny, I’d have probably called him Killbot too, and making him so polite about it is perfect.

Of course now I have to share with all these guys, at least give them my back story. This whole thing gets my mind racing, could people have been fucking around in my head? They did some work but I’ve always felt after that point and even before it the data hung together. I did my research, it’s a pretty ellaboate back story someone wrote-up for me back through childhood if it’s not real. Until I know why someone whould go through all that effort. Mom existed, I have a past, don’t go jumping too far down the rabbit hole. This is something simplier…but what.
Project Whiteout, that sounds like a good place to start.



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