On the Maelstrom's Edge

Silent Recovery

Reflected light from Saturn plays across the surface of the asteroid, illuminating the rough and barren landscape. Quick flirting shadows dart across your filed of vision as tumbling asteroids float across the void blocking the light for brief seconds. The occasional collision of two large rocks creates and interesting effect as your brain “hears” the impact, but in reality no noise reaches your ears.

The gravitational stabilizers in your suit keep you firmly on the surface of the asteroid as it spins slowly through the field. Ahead of you sit three large cargo containers with the Bauhaus Logo emblazoned on the sides and front. A quick check of the security interface on the front of the first container shows that it is magnetically attached to the surface of the asteroid and that the cargo is intact. Checking the manifest, you find that it is filled with weapons, ammo and explosives which is revealed to be correct as you pop the seal on the doors. As the doors open, the atmosphere from within escapes into the void and immediately crystallizes into ice and drifts away from where you stand.

The interior of the container illuminates as the doors open and the automatic lighting system enables. The cargo seems intact and is magnetically adhered to the floors and shelving of the unit, each labeled with a manifest number that matches the listing found in the security system.

The sound of your own breathing reverberates through the enclosed space of your helmet, a quick check of your suit’s systems shows that it is functioning properly and that the filtration system and air processors are at optimal levels. You can hear the chit chat of your associates over the com system as you inspect the container. Your coms go silent for a second as the talk of your associates cuts out and a quick spark of static fills your helmet, almost as if your com channel was interrupted by an outside source.



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