Melee Weapons

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Your STR limits your weapon damage die. So, if you have a d4 STR and you are using a SWORD, it would do 2d4 damage, instead of 2d6 by someone with 1d6 STR.


Each melee weapon can have up to 1 modification.

Vibro Weapons: Any of these weapons may be made into “Vibro” weapons for +$150. Vibro weapons deal +2 damage.

Dikote: Any of the edged weapons may be modified with a diamond edge to grant +2 AP. This costs +$150.

Plasma: Any of these weapons may be made into Plasma weapons. The damaging portion of the weapon is pure plasma. This takes a free action to activate/deactivate. The weapon’s damage type becomes HEAT (just like other plasma weapons). The weapon gains +4 to the damage roll and has an ammo capacity of 5. After each combnat encounter where the weapon we used, remove an ammo. Takes 1 hour at a power source to fully recharge. This upgrade costs $2,000 and is not readily available.

1-Handed Weapons

Weapon Damage Weight Cost Conceal Notes
Knife STR+d4 1 $15 +3 Can be thrown half STR
Baton STR+d6 3 $20 +2
Sword STR+d6 8 $150 0 Parry+1
Spear STR+d6 5 $75 -1 Reach 1, Can be thrown half STR
Axe/Hammer STR+d8 10 $175 -1 Parry-1

2-Handed Weapons

Weapon Damage Weight Cost Conceal Notes
Greatsword STR+d8 12 $200 -1 AP1, Parry+1
Great Axe/Hammer STR+d10 15 $250 -3 AP1, Parry-1
Polearm STR+d8 13 $300 -5 AP2, Reach 1, Parry-1
Telescopic Staff STR+d6 4 $100 +3/-3 Parry+2, Reach 1, 1 Free action to extend/retract

Thrown Weapons

Weapon Damage Range Weight Cost Conceal Notes
Fragmentation Grenade 4d6 5/10/20 2 $25 +3 MBT
Diamond Grenade 3d6 5/10/20 2 $100 +3 AP5, MBT
Plasma Grenade 4d8 5/10/20 2 $200 +2 MBT, Heat Damage

Melee Weapons

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