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As per the Savage Rules Deluxe Edition rulebook (page 89), when a poison is successfully applied, the target must make a Vigor roll vs the type of poison. The purchase price and effects are listed in the table below. Characters with resistance to Poisons gain a bonus to their Vigor roll.

Coating a weapon with a poison takes your entire turn, cannot move but may perform 1 other free action. A coated weapon will remain poisoned until a successful HIT, or if the combat ends. The poison is lost at this time.

Paralysis: Cannot act or do anything for duration.

Knocked Out: Incapicated for the duration, unless revived.

Exhausted (page 86): -2 to all trait rolls. Further fatigue will knock the character to incapicated.

Poison Effect (Failure) Effect (Success) Effect (Raise) Cost Notes
Lethal Death in 2d6 Rounds 1 Wound and Exhaustion Exhaustion $150 per dose
Venom Death in 2d6 Minutes 1 Wound and Exhaustion Exhaustion $100 per dose
Paralysis Paralyzed for 2d6 Minutes Paralyzed for 2d6 Rounds Fatigue $100 per dose
Knockout Knocked Out for 2d6 Hours Knocked Out for 2d6 Minutes Fatigue $75 per dose


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