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Choose a hull size to start with.

Size Acc Toughness Armor Spaces Crew Cost Notes
Small 200 10 4 4 1 $0.5 M
Medium 150 15 12 10 5 $10 M Can carry small ships
Large 100 20 20 20 10 $100 M Can carry small ships
Huge 75 25 30 50 50 $500 M Can carry small/med ships
Gargantuan 50 30 40 100 20 $2 B Can carry small/med ships
  • Acc = Acceleration
  • Spaces = spaces to put weapons & equipment into the ship. Each unused space grants 1 CARGO space.
  • Crew = minimum crew to fly
  • Small ships cannot travel from planet to planet (normally)
  • Wounds: Ships suffer a -1 penalty per wound, like usual. Ships can take 3 Wounds, on the 4th they are listing. Any further wounds will destroy the ship.
  • Shaken: Ships can be shaken just like characters, however the effects are different. Shaken ships can still act, but their ACC is halved (round down) and they can only fire half their weapons (round down). Recovering from Shaken requires a Repair roll (apply wound penalties as normal).

Hindrances & Edges

Ships can be given Edges & Hindrances. Each Hindrance grants 1 or 2 SPACE points. Minor grants 1 SPACE point, Major grants 2.

Edges cost 2 SPACE points or 1/3 the base cost of the ship (see “Modifications”).

You cannot gain more than 50% starting space with Hindrances. (ie: Small ships start with 4 spaces, and can go up to 6 spaces with hindrances)


Hindrance Type Effect
Brittle Hull Minor -1 Toughness per size category
Common Ship Major Enemy opposed rolls gain +1
Junker Major -1 to Piloting rolls
No Afterburners Major -15 Acceleration
Old Design Minor Cannot buy “Optional Extras”, Disintegrator, Gravity Cannon, Energy Cannon (pulse), Mass Driver (100mm), Heavy Missiles/Torpedoes, Cannot add armor or acc through “Modifications” (but may take edges to improve armor/speed). Best computer allowed: Model 2.
Piece of Junk Minor -2 penalty to all repair rolls
Quirk Minor Something minor doesn’t work correctly
Shoddy Circuitry Minor -2 penalty to recover from Shaken
Short Range Weaponry Major Additional -2 penalty to any targets at LONG range, as described in the new chase rules
Slow Response Minor Penalties for Difficult Terrain (during chases, mines, etc) incur an additional -2 penalty
Weak Armor Major -1 Armor (per size category)
Weak Scanners Minor -2 penalty to notice rolls


Edge Cannot Have Effect
Auto-Repair System Piece of Junk (Medium & larger) +1 to repair rolls, ½ repair time
Bomber Brittle Hull (Small) Plus 2 Torpedo storage per Torp launcher, Torpedoes deal 2 additional damage to Large+ targets
Combat Circuitry Shoddy Circuitry +2 bonus to recover from shaken
Famous Weapon - (max 1 per ship) +1 to shooting rolls with the weapon
Hot Afterburners No Afterburners +15 Acceleration
Improved Sensor Array Weak Scanners +2 bonus to notice rolls
Maneuverable Junker +1 to piloting rolls
Prototype Design Old Design +1 space point per size class, can only be taken at ship creation
Reinforced Armor Weak Armor +1 Armor per size category
Small Signature Slow Response (Small) No penalty for piloting through difficult terrain, enemy missile/torp shooting rolls and enemy notice rolls suffer a -1 penalty.
Solid Hull Brittle Hull +1 Toughness per size category
Superiority Quirk (Small) Enemy Small sized ships have -1 penalty to shooting rolls vs you
Uncommon Design Common Ship Enemies suffer a -1 penalty to opposed rolls against you.


You may make some modifications if you wish, at the cost of Space. These modifications can be made after the ship is made, unless otherwise noted.

Modification Cost Space Used Notes
Acceleration $10M per size 10 Acc per Space Max increase is 50%. Acc can also be decreased (lowest 50%), but no $ is saved
Armor $2M per size +3 Armor per Space Max increase 50%
Atmospheric $350K - (Small and Medium) May enter atmospheres
Cargo Hauler $1M per size category - If at least 1 space free for cargo, gain +1 spaces of cargo space per size category
Edge 1/3 Base Ship Cost 2 Spaces Pay the $ OR the spaces
Marines $1M +10 marines per Space Includes quarters, armories, and so on
Ships As Ship (2) Small or (4)Medium Includes hangar bays, etc
Spaces 1/2 Base Ship Cost - Gain 1 Space (max increase = 50% ship base Space points)

Optional Extras

These high-end modifications are of a limited/restricted availability.

Extra Cost Space Used Notes
Energy Shield $20M per 1 Wound 3 per 1 Wound These Wounds are lost first and do not incure roll penalties. Shield Wounds may be regenerated at a rate of 1 per hour with a successful Repair roll.
Stealth Ship $500K - (Small or Medium) Enemies suffer a -2 penalty to Notice rolls to make contact with you
Stellar Engines $15M 1 per size category Halve all travel times (see Starship Rules)

Starship Weapons

Range Penalty: This additional penalty is applied at long range.

Missiles: To get a lock, the pilot picks his target and must then succeed at an opposed Piloting roll. The attacker must subtract range modifiers from the Piloting roll just as if he were Shooting. Once locked, the pilot decides how many missiles to release (usually up to his full payload depending on his craft). At Short Range, the target has one round to evade. He has two rounds (and chances) at Medium Range, and three at Long Range.
Evading a single missile requires a Piloting roll at –4 (with an additional -1 penalty each size category above Medium).

Each Missile launcher contains 4 warheads and may fire any # of remaining missiles at once (see above) without the multiple action penalty. Starships may also carry spare missiles. A single space can accommodate 8 missiles. Reloading is effectively instant, allowing missiles to be fired each round. Missiles only reload when the launcher is empty. Make a note of how many spare missiles the ship is carrying on the Vehicle Sheet.

Each missile costs $1K.

Torpedoes: Work much the same as missiles, however each torpedo is bought and placed on the ship separately. Since the launcher cannot accept a feed of warheads, you cannot add more torpedoes in storage. You must purchase more torpedoes and place them on the ship.

Spinal Mounts: Instead of facing forward, these mounts face along the sides (port/starboard). Using the new chase rules, you must maneuver to the side of an opponent to fire these (kinda like a broadside) with an “Advantage” (higher card).

Because Spinal mounts are designed to attack capital targets, they suffer a -1 penalty to shooting rolls per size class smaller than the shooter. (ex: A Large ship firing at a Small ship with a spinal mount suffers a -2 penalty to the shooting roll)

Small ships may not have spinal mounts.

Bombs: Bombs are dropped on tanks, troops and other land targets. A spaceship carries enough ordinance for 1 “drop.” The pilot places the blast templates and makes a piloting roll. Failure = 2d10 deviation — all templates!

Bombs cost $1K each.

Cannons Range Penalty Damage ROF Spaces Cost Notes
Disintegrator -3 5d10 1 4 $50M AP 40
Energy Cannon (Beam) -2 4d6 1 1 $1M AP 6
Energy Cannon (Pulse) -2 3d6 3 1 $1M AP 6
Laser Cannon (Beam) -1 4d6 1 2 $1M AP 9
Energy Cannon (Pulse) -1 3d6 3 2 $1M AP 9
Heavy Laser Cannon (Beam) -1 4d6 1 3 $1M AP 25
Mass Driver (20mm) -3 3d8 3 1 $100K AP 4
Mass Driver (50mm) -3 4d8 2 2 $250K AP 8
Mass Driver (100mm) -3 6d8 1 3 $500K AP 15
Anti-Missile System NA NA 5 1 $500K When attacked by missiles/torps, roll ROF with d6’s. Each 1 shoots down a missile. Only check once. You pick which missiles/torps are destroyed.
Missiles Range Penalty Damage ROF Spaces Cost Notes
Light Missile Battery - 4d6 1-4 1 $1M AP 6
Heavy Missile Battery - 6d6 1-4 2 $2M AP 12
Torpedoes Range Penalty Damage ROF Spaces Cost Notes
Light Torpedo - 4d10 1 1 $1M AP 140
Heavy Torpedo - 6d10 1 1 $3M AP 200
Spinal Mounts Range Penalty Damage ROF Spaces Cost Notes
Light Spinal Mount - 6d10 1/3r 7 $1B AP 30
Heavy Spinal Mount - 10d10 1/5r 10 $2B AP 50
Bombs Range Penalty Damage ROF Spaces Cost Notes
Small Bombs Atmospheric 3d8 8 2 $2M AP 20, SBT
Medium Bombs Atmospheric 4d8 4 2 $2M AP 40, MBT
Large Bombs Atmospheric 5d8 2 2 $2M AP 80, LBT

Starship Equipment

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